Services & Classes

              BHCLF focuses on financial education and provides a line of home ownership products designed specifically for families who do not have access to mainstream financial services. BHCLF understands being financially literate is the first major step towards personal financial success. Each of our loan products is accompanied with the requirement of our clients to attend one to three types of financial education depending on their credit history and type of loan product they are seeking. The financial education classes consist of Building Native Communities: Financial Skills for Families, an introduction to budgeting and planning for families; Credit When Credit is Due is an introduction to the steps clients will need to take to improve their credit, which results in a savings of thousands of dollars in interest. Make Your Move is a course that will prepare clients for what to expect in the home-buying process, and can help you to minimize stress and unwelcome surprises.

Individual Development Account (IDA)

            An Individual Development Account is a matched savings account to help home buyers with down payment costs. Having a “Matched savings account” means, for every dollar an IDA participant saves, the program will match the amount with an additional amount to be used on the down payment for home ownership.

One-on-One Credit Counseling

     The staff at BHCLF provides One-on-One Credit Counseling services to all participants of the BNC Training as well as to any community member who wishes to build financial skills for themselves and for their family. Financial success starts at home and by bringing financial literacy skills into the home you are taking positive steps towards closing the gap of financial disparity.  BHCLF staff will work with individuals to establish goals, create a workable budget and plan to follow to reach the goals set by the individual counseled.

Building Native Communities:
Financial Skills For Families

        The course Building Native Communities: Financial Skills for Families is being offered monthly and is a total of six hours of class time. Attending this class is a requirement in order to receive a loan. When students successfully complete the course, they will have the tools needed to plan for their financial future. 

Pathways to Home Ownership

          Pathways to Home Ownership, a curriculum created by the Native American Indian Housing Council, is a six-hour class that leads you into the first steps of home ownership. This class is the beginning of a journey to bringing Native and non-Native communities sources they need to make home ownership a reality. Home-buyer education classes are a great tool for first time home buyers.

Indianprenneurship: "A Journey into Native American Business"

              Black Hills Community Loan Fund takes the microloan process one step further by assisting small businesses with “Indianprenneurship”. Developed by Onaben, an entrepreneurial development service, Indianprenneurship is a comprehensive business training curriculum for tribal and native-owned small business owners.