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Success Stories 

Wambli Fulfills Her Dream of Owning Her Own Home

"Onna from Black Hills Community Loan Fund has mentored me financially, and provided an opportunity with a debt loan. Repairing my credit history has had such a positive impact on my life!


"I appreciate BHCLF, and all their help. I was able to purchase a brand new vehicle in November, 2017 and became a homeowner in July, ,2018. This allowed me to continue my milestones debt and stress-free after graduating with my bachelor's degree in Social Work in June, 2016. I became a licensed foster parent September, 2017.


"I passed my national testing and became a Licensed Social worker for the state of South Dakota in April, 2018. I completed my master's program in Criminal Justice. Administration. I am very humble and content with the opportunities I have been given, especially when businesses such as BHCLF, and people like Onna are consistent and eager to help." - Wambli


Frederico Benefited from Attending 6-hour Class


Frederico came to Black Hills Community Loan Fund, Inc. not believing we could help him build his credit. He attended the required six hours of financial education and asked a lot of questions as to how to speak to bankers and loan officers.

Frederico had long-term goals of getting a loan to repair his home and to buy a truck. He went to the bank after he competed the Building Native Communities class. He spoke to the loan officer and presented informal documents to demonstrate his ability to repay a debt. Frederico showed receipts from those he paid on a regular basis in order to pay the debt he owed them. 

He told the loan officer about our plan to dispute his one item on his credit report, and he was immediately approved for a $1,000 home repair loan at 7%. The next day Frederico came to the office and hugged Executive Director, Onna LeBeau for helping him become loan ready.

Monique & Delaney Become First Recipients

In September, 2019, Monique and Delaney become BHCLF's first-ever recipients of our down payment loan program. These longtime Rapid City residents participated in our classes and trainings, made the necessary sacrifices, budgeted their finances correctly, and accomplished their goal of becoming home owners.


Congratulations to Monique and Delaney on the purchase of their new home! We wish them and their family all the best!

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Val and Family Benefit from Financial Education

Recently, Valeriah and her family made their final payment on a loan and are enjoying their new home.


"Black Hills Area Community Loan Fund helped me and my family with a credit building loan to help us improve our credit. When we were looking into getting a home, we found that we needed to work on our credit to be able to afford a place to live. BHCLF was able to provide us with a credit building loan and we were able to pay down our debt immediately. We now have a wonderful house that we call home."