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      The products we have developed are specifically designed to meet the needs of our community members. We have created smaller loan products for our clientele to develop and/or  rebuild their credit while fulfilling a financial need they are unable to obtain from a typical lending institution. Our smaller loan products consist of credit building products such as debt consolidation, consumer loans and Christmas loans. We also offer home rehabilitation, home improvement, energy efficient home appliance loans, and gap financing in the form of down payment and closing cost loans.  Our largest loan product is the full mortgage product.

Credit Builder

We are prepared to assist clients with a loan to establish or reestablish credit for qualified applicants to position themselves to quality for our home loan products. This loan is an unsecured loan for up to $2,500. 

Home Purchase 

Home Improvement 

We will loan money for home rehabilitation or improvement to single-family, primary residences for accessibility, energy efficiency, health, and safety improvements. Minimum loan of $500, maximum of $20,000. Maximum term limit of five years.

Gap Financing 

Loan for acquisition cost for a single- family, primary residence. Maximum loan up to $150,000 with a five year term with a ballon payment at the end of the term. 

We are prepared to assist clients with down payments and closing costs. Minimum loan amount $2,000, maximum $30,000. 

Holiday Loan Special

We will help you with a holiday loan of $500 after attending Financial Skills for Families class. Loans are available from October to December each year.

Home Appliance 

We can help borrowers with low income or less than perfect credit with energy-efficient home appliances. 

Micro Lending

A microloan is a good alternative for funding you might need for your business. Black Hills Community loan fund is a good source for a small business microloan.


All loan recipients must attend financial education classes.

All applicants must have a proven work history of at least 12 consecutive months or more.

All loans consist of an application fee, and 1% closing cost fee.